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Hi, you can call me Spizacki or Zue if you'd like! I'm 18 and I like to draw stuff.

I mostly blog about Homestuck and Supernatural, cute animals, pretty things, feminism, equality, and stuff like that.
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If my psych teacher catches me doodling in her class I’m going to take a detention because she’ll probably try and take my paper mor eliKE NOPE. (also wtf is that song I dont even know let’s roll with it)
JEHAN/COURF because I don’t know. let’s pretend courf is sitting okay? okay.

my lovely friend (she writes fanfiction for Les Mis you should follow her she is A+ gr8) birdsfalldown/alanna wrote me this (She drew me a thing too, but I took it off because she was embarrassed) :

A poem by Courf (aka a bad poem) to respond to a poem by Jehan
For Jehan, a haiku

That was lovely my
love, it’s perfect. By the way
Your ass is fantas..

tic. 8)

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    A poem by Courf (aka a bad poem) to respond to a poem by Jehan For Jehan, a haiku That was lovely my love, it’s perfect....
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